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USA Today Weekend Wed. @ 10am EST

Entrepreneur Magazine 1/15/17

Inc. Magazine 1/15/17

Fast Company Magazine 1/15/17

Home Business Magazine 1/20/17

Home Business Advertiser 2/15/17

Business Opp. Handbook 2/25/17


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Home Business Advertiser

Home Business Magazine

Business Opp. Handbook

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Entrepreneur Magazine

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USA Today Newspaper Weekend

Regular Discounted Rate - $560


Your USA Today Ad will also appear on


for 30 Days!

1,898,283 Circ.

Keep the ad running monthly and your cost drops to $395 per month after the first month!!

Your Cost just $495!

USA Today is now offering Expanded Circulation. When you run your ad in USA Today you now have the option of running the same ad in 35 local newspapers for double the price of an ad in USA Today.

Does USA Today work?  It has been working well for people lately. Online advertising is getting really crowded and some of us still like to hold a paper in our hand. Besides, the readership is phenomenal.

A 4 line ad in the weekend issue of USA Today is circulated to 1,123,283. The same ad run in the Sunday edition of 35 papers is 2,500,000 circulation.  That's a total circulation of 3,623,283. The cost? Just $395!

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I can set you up on a monthly schedule. That way, you can run your ad each month without ever having to worry about deadlines.  There's a package to fit every budget.

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